Projecting stories through mural art




i am singing.

Louisville, KY

Created in Louisville, KY, this series depicts the joy of music and expression which speaks to the souls of those who are especially oppressed.


i am a man.

Chicago, IL

Completed in Chicago, IL, this mural is a snapshot of the historic I Am A Man march that aimed to humanize the Black man.


i am speaking.

Rochester, NY

Completed in Rochester, NY, this mural projects the image of the late great John Lewis as an icon of inspiration to those who will fight for the rights of others.



The I AM SERIES is an artistic movement that projects the stories of historic figures through mural art. Projecting important stories upon public spaces, challenges everyday people to learn the stories, share the stories, and create their own stories with their lives.

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The artists/muralists who are part of this movement inherit the majority of the costs. Donating any amount will help them reach more places around the country. Donations help with securing rights to images, buying the spaces to paint on, purchasing supplies, travel costs, and housing costs. Each donation is tax deductible as this is in partnership with a 501 c(3). Please click the link below to donate. Any amount helps. Thank you.


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